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The 3rd China (Chongqing) Yangtze River Economic Belt Environmental Protection Expo 2020
Invitation Letter
Expo time: May 07--May 09, 2020.
Expo place: Chongqing International Expo Center

保护“母亲河”,构筑长江生态屏障。Protect the "Mother River" and Build the Ecological Barrier for the Yangtze River.
2020年第三届中国(重庆)长江经济带yabo官方下载博览会【简称:中国长环会(YREP Expo China)】于2020年5月7日-9日在重庆国际博览中心举行。YREP Expo China规划展览面积40000平方米,合计国际展位1800余个,1000余家优秀企业共享展会平台。YREP Expo China将秉承为企业搭建务实的交流与合作平台为宗旨;继续为政府提供智库服务;为yabo官方下载行业带来前沿资讯、创新科技与发展理念,共同探索产业发展新业态、新模式,推动yabo官方下载产业高质量发展;为保护“母亲河”,构筑长江生态屏障提供技术设备支撑。
The 3rd China (Chongqing) Yangtze River Economic Belt Environmental Protection Expo 2020 (YREP Expo China) will be held in Chongqing International Expo center on May 7 - 9, 2020.It is expected to cover 40,000 square meters exhibiting area, with more than 1,800 international booths, and more than 1,000 excellent enterprises to share the exhibition platform.With the purpose of building a pragmatic exchange and cooperation platform for enterprises, YREP Expo China will continue to provide think-tank services to the government, and bring cutting-edge information, innovative technologies and development concepts to the environmental protection industry, jointly explore new forms and models of industrial development, and promote high-quality development of the environmental protection industry. It is going to protect the "Mother River" and build the ecological barrier of the Yangtze river to provide technical and equipment support.

上届概况 Review
2019年5月YREP Expo China展出面积2.3万平方米,邀请来自重庆、四川、贵州、云南、湖北、安徽、陕西、甘肃、新疆、连宁、黑龙江、山东、浙江、江苏、广东等省市的1.6万名专业观众和46个采购团到场参观洽谈,重庆市政府常务副市长吴存荣、副市长潘毅琴等领导和全国26个省市相关部门负责人莅临现场参观指导。同期举办的“智慧云监测——2019长江生态环境监测技术交流会、2019全国yabo官方下载装备技术交流与合作座谈会、2019绿色制造适宜技术推介会”等多长专项技术交流会,对“环境保护”与“绿色制造”等主题展开深入对话。
With the area of 23000 square meters, YREP Expo China exhibition invited 16000 professional visitors and 46 purchasing groups visiting negotiations from Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Hubei, Anhui, Shanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other provinces and cities. The officials from 26 provinces, such as Mr. Wu Cunrong and Mr. Pan Yiqin, the Vice Mayor of Chongqing Municipal Government have visited the event.The "Smart Cloud Monitoring -- 2019 Yangtze River Ecological Environment Monitoring Technology Exchange Meeting, 2019 National Environmental Protection Equipment Eechnology Exchange and Cooperation Forum, 2019 Green Manufacturing Appropriate Technology Promotion Meeting" and other special technical events were held at the same period, which were carried out in-depth dialogue on the topics as "Environmental Protection" and "Green Manufacturing".

2020年参展机会Exhibiting Opportunities in 2020
汇聚行业精英,提供全球方案Bring Together Industry Elites to Provide Global Solutions
150+媒体报道 150+ MediaUnits
1000+参展商 1000 +Exhibitors
30000+专业观众 30000+ Professional Visitors
20+场技术交流活动 20+ Technical Exchange Activities
Governments Along the Yangtze River Economic Belt Have Given Their Full Support
Many Domestic and Foreign Environmental Protection Industry Associations, Business Associationsand Societies to Assist
Interpret Industrial Policies, Lead the Development of the Industryand Help Business Opportunities.
Taking "New Trends, New Products, New Technologies and New Models" as the concept of the event, and closely following cutting-edge technologies and promoting the transformation of achievements.

目标观众构成The TargetVisitors

一、工业观众 Industrial Visitors
电镀/涂装 Electroplating/Coating
生物/制药 Biology/Pharmacy
电子/电器Electronics/Electrical Appliances
冶金/钢铁 Metallurgy/Steel
纺织/印染 Textile/Printing and Dyeing
水泥/矿产Cement/Mineral Products
皮具/皮革 Leather
电力/电能 Electricity
造纸/印刷 Paper Making/Printing
塑料/橡胶 Plastics/Rubber
建筑/建材Construction/Building Materials
汽车/零配件Automobile/Spare Parts
二、市政观众Municipal Visitors
发改委 The National Development and Reform Commission
经信委 Commission on Economic and Information Technology
水务厅(局) Water Authority
城管委(局) City Management Committee
环境监测站 Environmental Monitoring station
固废管理中心 Solid Waste Management Center
yabo官方下载工程企业 Environmental Protection Engineering Enterprise
市政设计院所 Municipal Design Institute
环科院所Institute of Environmental Sciences
三、农业观众 Agricultural Visitors
农委、畜牧委Agriculture Committee, Animal Husbandry Committee
农作物种养大户 Large Farmers Grow Crops
专业合作社 Specialized Cooperative
家庭农场 The Family Farm
畜牧养殖企业 Animal Husbandry Enterprise
农副产品加工企业Agricultural and Sideline Products Processing Enterprises

热点引领趋势 Hot Spot Features

The event will closely follow the hot issues as well as environmental protection work priorities of "Protecting Mother River", such as Urban Water Treatment in the Yangtze River Basin, Black and Smelly Water Treatment, Air Treatment, Solid Waste Treatment, Soil and Groundwater Restoration, Environmental Monitoring and other environmental, and the key technologies and equipment to participate in the exhibition.

部分技术交流Partial Technical Events
The Yangtze River Economic Belt Environmental Protection Technology Innovation Development Conference 2020
National Exchange Meeting on Sludge Treatment and Disposal and Utilization Technology Application 2020
National Urban Black and Foul Water Comprehensive Treatment and Ecological Restoration Technology Exchange Meeting 2020
National Environmental Protection Equipment Research and Development Technology and New Product Exchange Meeting 2020

展示范围 Exhibition Scope

水技术与设备 Water Technology and Equipment
流体机械(泵、阀、管) Fluid Machinery (Pump, Valve, Pipe)
污水污泥处理处置与综合利用 Sewage Sludge Treatment and Comprehensive Utilization
Technology and Equipment for Soil and Groundwater Remediation
环境监测技术设备 Environmental Monitoring Technology Equipment
固体废物处理处置技术装备 Technical Equipment for Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal
废气治理技术与设备 Exhaust Gas Treatment Technology and Equipment
噪音与震动控制技术与装备 Noise and Vibration Control Technology and Equipment
环境服务 Environmental Services
节能技术与装备 Energy Saving Technology and Equipment

同期专题展 Thematic Exhibitions
The 4th China (Chongqing) Yangtze River Economic Belt Water Technology and Equipment Exhibition in 2020.
China (Chongqing) Urban Water Supply and Drainage Exhibition in the Yangtze River Economic Belt in 2020
China (Chongqing) Yangtze River Economic Belt Environmental Monitoring Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2020
China (Chongqing) Yangtze River Economic Belt Sewage Sludge Treatment technology and Equipment Exhibition 2020
China (Chongqing) Yangtze River Economy with Cooking Fume and Industrial Waste Gas Treatment Technology Equipment Exhibition 2020
The 3rd Western Sanitation Equipment and Garbage Classification and Cleaning Equipment Exhibition 2020.

参展联络 Contact
The Leading Exhibition Organizer on Environmental Protection in the Yangtze River Area
Chongqing Haobo Exhibition Co. LTD
Address: 5th Floor, Building 5, Xinke International, No.68 Jinyu Avenue, Yubei District, Chongqing City.
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